Italy’s Top 10 Most Iconic Foods to Eat

A trip to Italy is a vacationer’s dream if they enjoy antipasti, wine, and medieval architecture. Many tourists flock to this nation every year to marvel at the grand houses, cathedrals, and street fairs in well-known towns like Milan, Florence, Venice, and Rome. Most tourists go to Tuscany if they want to take a more leisurely trek through the hills. Everywhere you go, authentic Italian cuisine is simply outstanding. Alternately, you may always say “Ottimo,” which is how the Romans would say it here. This indicates that the cuisine is excellent throughout. With so many things to see in Italy, the traveler must first work up an appetite. Here are the top 10 Italian dishes to try on your next trip, listed in no particular order:

1. Carbonara-style pasta

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara has a commanding top place on the list of Italian dishes you must eat. It is traditional to savor each dish’s taste because Italians take great pride in it. You would believe that carbonara pasta can be found anywhere in the world. But what makes this dish exceptional is that it is one of the Italian dishes that has been around the longest and best showcases the distinctive qualities of this cuisine. This spaghetti meal is genuine magic since it is made with Pecorino Romano cheese, fresh eggs, guanciale, and pepper. And no, an authentic Spaghetti Alla Carbonara from Italy won’t contain a drop of cream or milk.

2. Napoletana Pizza

There are many locations to view and foods to eat in Naples, making it a tourist destination that you should include on your itinerary. It would be good to pick one of the top Italy tour packages for this area in your trip. Naples is known for its Napoletana Pizza, a classic meal that will make you forget about your local favorite. This pizza was created by the impoverished in the eighteenth century and is today a well-liked dish across the nation. The uniqueness of each dish is praised in Italian cuisine. As a result, the original recipes are being adhered to without modifications or revisions. To make a typical Napoletana Pizza, the dough is hand-flattened before being baked in a wood-fired oven. On top of it are only a few basil sprigs, freshly smashed tomatoes, and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. You’re already drooling, aren’t you?

3. Risotto

Risotto is one of the most widely consumed Italian foods. While some claim that Italians prefer bread above all other types of carbohydrates, risotto, which is rich and creamy, is the national dish! Since the ingredients used to produce this well-known Italian dish are typically expensive and upscale, the wealthy prefer it. For example, saffron, a costly spice in and of itself, is used to flavor risotto Alla Milanese. Arborio rice, cuttlefish, and squid ink are premium components used in risotto al Nero di Sepia preparation. To appreciate its opulence, Italian cuisine meals like risotto should be consumed in fine-dining establishments.

4. Arancini

Arancini is the next dish on the list of the top 10 Italian foods you must taste on your upcoming holiday. Arancini, arborio rice balls filled with ragu, cheese, and optional sides like aubergine, peas, and other vegetables, are regarded as a component of the first meal or antipasti. Your taste senses will be introduced to flavors by starting your dinner with this Italian dish, which will further whet your hunger for the other courses. Arancini is a classic Sicilian dish, and Suppl is its relative brother in Rome. So be sure to test both options before deciding which one you like most.

5. Cinque Terre Steak

Any Italian in Italy or elsewhere would tell you that the Fiorentina Steak is the best Italian dish. This well-known Italian dish, bistecca Fiorentina, is a favorite among many residents. A T-bone beef steak is cooked for five to seven minutes, resulting in a grilled exterior and a rare to medium-rare inside. However, equally excellent versions are available in Rome, Milan, and Sicily. Hard-core Italian cuisine enthusiasts only consume this steak if the beef comes from Tuscany. Make careful to verify with the server before placing your order because this steak is ordered based on weight.

6. Polenta

Polenta is a specialty from northern Italy that the people there frequently eat. It is a mush made of corn that goes well with meats, salads, and Zuppa (soup). Due to its extreme simplicity and rich flavor, this Italian cuisine is a must-try. You might think of polenta as “basic” or “bland,” yet a meal made well, like polenta fritters or a stew with polenta, is soul-satisfying. You can relax your digestive system by eating this light dish for lunch or dinner when visiting Italy because there are so many things to do there.

7. Ossobuco

It is a well-known fact that Italian food emphasizes meat-based foods frequently. Travelers who enjoy sampling various types of meat while on vacation would be in for a treat in Italy, given this. Ossobuco is a dish made with a bone-in veal shank simmered in white wine, vegetables, and meat stock. For those unfamiliar, veal is the meat from the calves of a cow, which is quite a delicacy in several European nations. It is preferable to try it in a 5-star hotel or a highly regarded fine-dining establishment because it is a pricey food item.

8. Truffles

Italian cuisine would be lacking without truffles discovered in the woodlands of Umbria, Piedmont, and Tuscany. While the black truffles that are more widely available are less fragrant, the rare ones are white in color and have a distinct aroma. However, the two varieties of Italian-grown truffles are unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the earth. This is because only certain seasons have the ideal air temperature and moisture levels for truffle growth. Therefore, it won’t be a success if you don’t try truffles in a savory or sweet dish during your trip to Italy.

9. Lasagne

The locals consider omitting lasagna from an Italian cuisine list to be equivalent to committing a sin! A meaty ragu, bechamel, and cheese are layered on top of pasta sheets to make one of the most well-known Italian dishes in the world, which is then cooked in the oven. Because mozzarella doesn’t have a tangy flavor, a local would always prefer a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano over mozzarella on top of the lasagna. It is impossible to go back once you have tried this meal in Italy. Because all other preparations in your city (or any other) would be inadequate, you will need to schedule another trip to this country.

10. Ice cream

With handcrafted Gelato available on every corner, tourists with a sweet craving would love it in Italy. While many people believe that gelato is the Italian version of American ice cream, they would disagree if you asked an Italian. Gelato is made with less fat, water, and air, which gives it more flavor and sweetness. Try this delectable treat from a local vendor when strolling through the alleys of Rome, Venice, or Florence, and you will undoubtedly be in heaven!

Other Italian Delights You Must Try

In addition to sampling those above top 10 Italian dishes, the following three treats ought to be on your food list:


The Focaccia is the most delectable type of bread found in Italy. It is a flatbread with olive oil and pesto drizzled on top and vegetables like onions, tomatoes, and olives. There is no need for more food because this bread is so flavorful. Your lunch is ready when you sip a delicate rose while eating freshly made focaccia!


Cicchetti is a little dish with items like fish, artichokes, seafood, and other things similar to Spanish tapas. These can be found in the so-called basis in Venice, where the most exquisite wine tastings are also frequent.


Burrata is conceivably the only type of cheese that is best consumed by itself. Except for being much creamier and butterier, it tastes similar to the real mozzarella cheese in Italy. Your lunch or dinner will be made extraordinary with a side salad of burrata, basil, and tomatoes.