Classic Italian Recipes

1. Parmesan-style chicken

Your entire family will like a traditional Italian dish like chicken parmesan.

Pound your chicken breasts extremely thin and ensure they are all the same size for classic chicken parmesan.

Three trays will be present at the breading station: one will hold flour, another will hold eggs and cream, and the third will hold breadcrumbs.

Start assembling the layers in your baking pan after frying the chicken breast.

Start with marinara sauce; add chicken, additional marinara sauce, and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese to finish.

2. Italian meatballs

A go-to recipe for Italian meatballs should be available to everyone. These meatballs have great flavor and are juicy. They go well with so many different dishes!

The secret is to use three different types of meat to achieve that rich and varied flavor. Yes, three: Italian sausage, ground pork, and beef.

A panada is the name of the final trick I have for you.

When bread crumbs are soaked in milk, a panada is a result. The secret to preventing the drying out of your meatballs is this.

3. Italian Hot Chocolate

More than only pasta and pizza are included in traditional Italian meals.

Your thoughts on Italy will be brought on by this thick and creamy Italian hot chocolate.

Get rid of the idea of sipping hot chocolate out of a packet if that is your habit.

This delectable hot chocolate recipe bears no resemblance to that powder mix at all.

This beverage’s rich flavor comes from real dark chocolate, and whole milk and sugar make it into a thick, mildly sweet delicacy.

4. Calzone

Although it may not be widely accepted, I always prefer a crispy, cheese-filled calzone to a slice of pizza.

After attempting this dish yourself, I believe you’ll agree!

These take-out meals are superior to any fast food establishment and are perfect for traveling. Make a huge quantity and freeze it for later use.

Although you can prepare your own, buying pizza dough saves significant time.

Add toppings of your choice, including sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, and vegetables.

5. Caprese Chicken

This Caprese chicken is flavorful thanks to gooey cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and a somewhat sweet balsamic sauce.

You won’t trust how possible it is to put this fancy-looking dish together.

The chicken should be cooked separately until it is well-browned and juicy.

Stack pieces of cheese and tasty sun-dried tomatoes on top. Ten minutes or so for baking.

Don’t forget to mix a generous drizzle of your balsamic reduction to finish the dish.

6. Risotto with mushrooms and rosemary

Making risotto is reputed to be challenging. Discover how simple it can be by making this delectable rosemary mushroom risotto.

Add warm liquid to ensure that the rice cooks evenly when making risotto. You don’t want to rush this lunch, and I can assure you that.

Adding mustard to this risotto’s seasoning gives it a delicious acidity.

However, the flavorful and enticing rosemary must be the show’s star. Prepare to wow your guests!

7. Tuscan Chicken

For those hectic nights, this one-pan Tuscan chicken is ideal. It’s quick to prepare and creamy, and tasty.

Although the components are pretty straightforward, the flavor is not!

Sun-dried tomatoes, Italian seasoning, Alfredo sauce, and cheese make up the sauce.

Put the rich sauce over the chicken once it has browned, and simmer it for an additional few minutes to let it absorb the flavorful sauce.

You can serve it with spaghetti, but it tastes fantastic as a stand-alone dinner.

8. Tuscan seafood stew

The word cacciucco refers to a seafood stew from Tuscany. It usually contains five kinds of seafood—one for each ‘c’ in its name.

You can choose the seafood you like to eat!

Garlic, parsley, sage, and red wine vinegar are some of the seasonings used in this recipe.

The right amount of spice is added to this flavorful stew with red pepper flakes.

Homemade croutons are placed on top of your stew so you can soak up the tasty broth.

9. Pizza from Naples

The original Neapolitan pizza can only be found in Naples, Italy, the dish’s birthplace. This recipe is the ideal alternative because we can’t take a last-minute getaway!

For that genuine crust, homemade dough is essential. Do not be intimidated because it is straightforward.

Pizza from Naples is known for its simplicity. With fresh mozzarella and basil on top, the sauce is canned tomatoes. Pizza night has just gotten better!

10. Pizzette

Pizzette sounds just like a small pizza; therefore, you’re perfectly correct.

This finger food is an excellent appetizer for your elegant party or a quiet get-together with friends.

This recipe is simple to prepare because store-bought pizza dough is used. Add tomatoes, fontina cheese, and parmesan cheese to the tops of your mini-dough circles.

After baking, add some basil and olive oil to complete the dish. Find your preferred topping combination by experimenting with them.

11. Sausage and arugula pizza

This sausage and arugula pizza, which is delicious and crispy, is about to become a new family favorite.

It may seem strange to put arugula on pizza but bear with me.

The fatty pork sausage is wonderfully balanced by the crunchy, crisp arugula, producing the ideal dish.

You won’t ever want plain pepperoni pizza again once the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese are added.

Use either pre-made or store-bought dough. With this flavorful slice, you can’t go wrong.

12. Strawberry Nutella Pizza

Thanks to this strawberry Nutella pizza, you won’t ever have to make a decision again!

Strawberries that are sweet and luscious go incredibly well with Nutella’s rich, nutty flavor. Add some sliced almonds for that crunch.

Before adding the toppings to a dessert pizza, the crust should be fully cooked and at least partially cooled.

Experiment with other toppings if strawberries and Nutella aren’t your favorite combination. Just a few possibilities are bananas, peanut butter, or chocolate chips.

13. Pasta Fagioli al Forno

Pasta Fagioli al Forno can help you gather your family around the dinner table. It’s a dish that translates to “baked pasta with beans” and is stuffed with rich cheese and tart tomato sauce.

Italian sausage, tomatoes, basil, red pepper flakes, and oregano are just a few of the deliciously flavored components in this mouthwatering Italian dish.

Also included are two types of cheese!

Before the remaining ingredients are added, onion, carrot, celery, and garlic are browned. Everyone like it once it is baked with additional cheese.

14. Sauce alla Romana

Italian cuisine’s foundation is its thick and savory tomato sauce. You should pass this recipe down through the generations.

It’s easy to make a wonderful Italian tomato sauce. There aren’t many ingredients, but all the tastes meld together by simmering this sauce slowly and thoroughly.

The oregano, basil, and mint give the sauce a light, airy texture, and the garlic, onion, and olive oil help to counteract the tomatoes’ acidity.

15. Bellini

With this easy and delicious recipe for a bellini, you can swank up your next brunch.

When I say that this dish is easy, I mean it. Prosecco and peaches are the only ingredients. The result is the ideal, fresh, sparkling bellini.

Peaches should be peeled, the pit removed, and blended to a puree.

Put your puree in the fridge for 30 minutes to achieve the desired cooling effect.

Fill a champagne glass with cold prosecco, then add 2 ounces of your puree.