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5North Square Italian Cuisine Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant offering upscale Italian cuisine created by Chef Daniel. It proudly opened in 2010 in Tempe, Arizona.

5North Square with its Rich Italian Cuisine | about Us

Chef Daniel came to the U.S. from Italy in 1996 and served as chef in various restaurants around Arizona before deciding to open up his very own restaurant in Tempe, the place where he now lives. Prior to opening 5North Square’s Italian Restaurant, Daniel was the Head Chef at the popular restaurant in the city. He put a lot of effort into establishing his own restaurants and with the help of his wife Amy, the restaurant became a huge hit.

At 5North Square Italian Restaurant, we always strive to bring you not just a great and delicious meal, but a true dining experience that will make you keep coming back on us. Daniel and his co-chefs cooks only with the freshest and high-quality ingredients. We make sure that farmer delivers the newly harvested ingredients. The meat, fish, and poultry are guaranteed fresh and of premium quality. We also offer beer, whiskey, champagne and wine preserve to boost your dining experience here at 5North Square. Our selection of liquors is imported and preserve from Italy.

As a family who owned an upscale Italian Restaurant, we take our reputation and our business very seriously, we are very dedicated and passionate in our works, we take pride in consistently offering great food, great value, and great service as well. Daniel, Amy and a few of their relatives work together to run the business perfectly. They also treat other staff like their own family too.

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